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How Money Flows, Speaker: Connie Livingston Nov 20

Where are you storing energy/wealth and where do you have the ability to move it to get work done? Think about the stocks and flows in your life.

“You are truly prosperous to the extent that you’re experiencing health, freedom, happiness and plenty in your life.” -Dr. Christiane Northrup

Based on a holistic perspective on wealth and abundance, women will:

  • Learn the truth about money and cash flow
  • Discover three proven ways to increase your wealth
  • Uncover the most common myths about women and money
  • Delve into today’s financial reality and discover how you can be the exception to the statistics
  • Find out how to create optimal wealth and health simultaneously

Connie Livingston is a consultant, coach, facilitator, strategist, and speaker with a background in financial services and Community Economic Development. She has worked with individuals and groups for 20 years toward achieving their goals. She started her practice three years ago because she believes that as she helps clients improve their financial, personal, and economic lives, healthy, stable communities are created.

One of her specialties is helping people navigate successfully through transition. Change can be scary; she knows because she has been through so many transitions in her own life. She has started several businesses, left a career in order to raise children, re-entered the world of paid employment, and experienced a number of career changes. She did this using a positive, systematic approach and landed on her feet successfully through the changes as well as in the financial realm. She loves to show her clients how she did this.

November 20, 8:30am-10:30am, Golden Eagle Resort in Stowe.

Please RSVP.

Members $9,

Non-Members Welcome! $11

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