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Next Meeting: Harnessing the Wisdom of Other Cultures in Life and Work

WBON members and guests:

Join us on Tuesday September 18th, from 8:30 – 10:30 am

Harnessing the Wisdom of Other Cultures in Life and Work

Travel, new experiences, cultural immersion can break you out of your rut and create positive momentum in your business.

Our Speaker: Julia Rogers, of EnRoute Consulting

You may never have wondered how to conduct a Thai team-building exercise, but gleaning the best ideas from other cultures can help improve your business and well as your work-life balance.  Join Julia for an enlightening session on what other societies can teach us. You will learn how Bhutan measures its success as a nation, why the siesta is good for productivity and many other useful strategies from far-flung lands.

Bio:  Julia Rogers is a travel consultant and founder of EnRoute Consulting, which specializes in  travel and volunteer advising for “gap year” students aged 17-25.  Rogers works to engage young Americans across the country in service work, experiential education and travel as a way of learning about themselves and the world around them.

Location: Golden Eagle Resort,, Convention Ctr, Stowe, VT

Cost: $9 members, $11 guests

If you like the topic, register by noon on Monday the 17th and invite 1 friend on this adventure.
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