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June 19, 2012 Meeting Summary: Flip Your Flop

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Thank you to Amy Mattinat of The Auto Craftsmen and BullsEyeMarketing!Image

Some thoughts:

  • Change grief to gratitude, fear to courage, and anger to mindfulness.
  • Courage isn’t innate. It comes with practice.
  • Miss the boat? Find another way and keep moving.
  • Flopping is Your Friend!Image

Amy gave us a few dozen specific strategies for turning challenges into opportunities. 



ImageIf you’d like more details, Amy left us with a handout.

You can email her at Amy (at)


Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting and to Rachel Chevalier of The Malt Shop for hosting the Stowe Meeting for the last few years. We appreciate her warmth, hospitality, and cooking! 

As of July, the Stowe WBON chapter meeting will be held at The Golden Eagle on Mountain Rd.

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  1. Great post, Amy. Thanks…It was a great “discoveryshop”.


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