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SWOT Recap – Other words for weakness

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During the January meeting we explored the SW (Strengths/Weaknesses) portion of a SWOT Analysis. As I was preparing the presentation I kept stumbling on the word ‘weakness’. Such a loaded word – just saying it and thinking it feels like it takes the strength out of you. So during the meeting, we brainstormed other words for weakness. Our Stowe chapter members came up with this list:

  • Obstacles
  • areas of concern
  • dynamic tension
  • saboteur
  • shadow
  • motivation tool
  • Big Front/Big Back
  • Yin Yang coming back into balance

So much depth and richness in these ideas! Is a weakness a egoic saboteur or a yin/yang coming back into balance? Whatever you choose, it seems the important thing – if a word, any word, feels too complicated and emotional to be of use to you in your planning – change it!


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  1. Just got an email about the March 20th Stowe chapter of WBON meeting.
    Sounds fabulous….. as was the email & your Blog.

    Stowe WBON ***ROCK***

    I’m so sorry that I have other plans for 3/20/12…. I would have love to attend.


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