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Thank you to Amy Shollenberger of Action Circles!



Thank you to Amy Shollenberger of Action Circles for being our speaker on Feb 21st!

She gave us many great tips on how to run effective meetings and save the other meetings we find ourselves in.

Selected Meeting Highlights and Resources:

  • Ask people at the beginning of a meeting if they’d like to OPT-OUT of being listed in social media. (Maybe they called in sick to work and don’t want their boss to see their happy, healthy face pop up in a picture on Facebook!)
  • ALWAYS USE NAME TAGS! Carry a supply of name tags in your Meeting Kit and offer them at a meeting if the planner has forgotten.
  • Robert’s Rule of Order (vs.)
  • Mason’s Rules of Order

Amy normally does this presentation as a 3 hour workshop. If you’d like her to present to your group, you can find more details here.


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